The Marconi Years

Working visit to Kenya 1970
1. Nairobi

01- This fine colonial style hotel was our residence for several months

02- In the hotel grounds was this little souvenir shop, David's Brother's Shop- wood carvings. Bargaining called for here!

03- Marconi's installation team having a hard earned rest around the hotel's swimming pool

04- The road leading to Nairobi  town centre from our hotel

05- The Thorn tree restaurant, a favourite meeting place for the installation team and other ex-patriots working or living in Kenya

06- In the heart of the Nairobi shopping centre, a local policeman keeps an eye on things.

07- Some less glamorous shops in the Bazaar shopping area

08- Some big European companies are present in Nairobi. Here is the BASF building.

09- A lovely area of calm in the centre of Nairobi, the city park

10- Kenya is much a multi-ethnic country, here is the Mosque

11- Nairobi shopping centre

12- The Bazaar area

13- Our friendly policemen is still around making sure all runs smoothly

14- You could be anywhere in England, well almost!

15- Student's flats at the University of Nairobi

16- More university accommodation, pretty modern for 1970!

17- Ethnic mix in the Bazaar area

18- More Nairobi street scenes

19- Here as everywhere, there is some poverty to be seen
the ground station
a dance festival 
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