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Greek Holiday 2010.
Athenes and the Cyclades

We love Greece and especially the islands. We have already visited some of the Cyclades islands and really enjoyed them, taking the ferryboat as we wished and choosing and negotiating the prices of the accommodation with the people waiting on the dock at our arrival. We felt a bit like adventurers with, each time a surprise and often a nice surprise, especially for us travelling out of season. We wanted to continue our own odyssey in the Cyclades and feel the freedom of being without a car and without pre-arranged accommodation. This time, we were maybe two weeks too late, the weather deteriorated a bit and there were less 'domatias' waiting for us. But it went pretty well anyway and we have only good memories.
We would like to share them with you, have a good trip!
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French Holidays.

Théoule-sur-Mer is ideally located on the Esterel corniche to make wonderfull walks in the Esterel Regional Park, take a sunbath on beautiful beaches in Agay, Mandelieu or Cannes or, if you are visiting in February or March, pick a bunch of mimosa in the Tanneron Massif. But, the sun can be capricious in these early spring months and you may be lucky enough to see the Mediterranean lashing it's waves on these beautiful red rocks. In any case, like us, you won't regret your visit.
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Another Forgotten Tramway

The Tramways of West Dauphiny.
Lyon-Monplaisir to Saint Marcellin and La Côte Saint André to Le Grand Lemps.

This tramway, 119 kms long, is the biggest part of the old network. It started in the Rhône in one of Lyons old tramway garages, crossed the Isère, the Bièvre plain and the Chambaran to finish at the foot of the Vercors mountains. The journey took almost 9 hours, if all went well. For the return, it took more than twelve hours. To make the journey now, it would be rather complicated, but possible, using the Transisere buses.
For me, the journey was very long, almost a year, with as means of transport the car, Google Streetview, the multitude of websites and old postcards. I invite you to follow me in my big adventure by clicking on the picture of the Pinguely 030T at the TDI station of Saint Georges d'Espèranche in the Isère.
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