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Parks, Gardens and Flowers.
The Géo-Charles Rose Garden.

A beautiful rose garden is located in the gardens of the museum Geo-Charles in Échirolles. Formerly, the house belonged to the plant manager of the Viscose factory. The city acquired the grounds in 1984 and has since landscaped a rose garden and a playground for children. The museum houses the private collections and archives of a sports writer and columnist known as Géo-Charles. Although you may be disturbed by noise from the nearby motorway, a visit to the Rose Garden is well worth the trip. But here, you can have a quiet visit.
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New Forgotten Tramway.

The West Dauphiny Tramways (TOD).
'La Tour du Pin' to 'Les Avenières'.

The tramway from 'La Tour du Pin' to 'Les Avenières', lasted only 26 years, but we can imagine in the early twentieth century the importance of this lifeline for these isolated rural communities at the time. The tramway joined the PLM railway station 'La Tour du Pin' to the CEL railway station 'Les Avenières' with an extension to the town center.  This was a distance of 17.5 km. Travel time was, if all went well, 1h20min, only 13 km per hour. With some tight curves and some quite steep slopes, the journey was not easy, we will look at it station by station. (10 pages)
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Remaking of 14 photo albums.

Journey in Andalusia.
(27th May - 10th June 2006)

Perhaps you have seen my Andalusian pages made before the money crisis. This magnificent country certainly didn't deserve the financial problems it has had. But before going back to revisit the region, I have redone all the pages with slide shows and the large photos that open in windows(Lytebox).
The collection consists of 9 main albums, 5 bonus albums, 6 videos and now, 3 slide shows. Have a nice visit!
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