Le jardin 2009 à Saint Geoire en Valdaine(38), France

3. de l'été à l'automne et l'hiver/from summer to Autumn and Winter.

Toutes les photos peuvent être agrandies par le clic de la souris/All the photos can be enlarged by a mouse click.

65- Self-sown Antirrhinum.

66- Yucca flower stems.

67- Fushia Riccartoni

68- Hydrangea

69- Rosa Rugosa hip.

70- White Buddleia spires.

71- Eryngium planum.

72- Sedum rock plants.

73- Garden bug finds a soft seat.

74- Red cat's tales.

75- Mountain Ash.

76- Crocosmia Crocosmiiflora

77- Beautiful Hydragea bract details.

78- White Phlox, later flowering.

79- Ornemental crab apples.

80- White Pontentilla.

81 Commelina communis

82- Green Grasshopper on a red carpet!

83- Red Sedum.

84- Yew berries.

85- Rose hips.

86- More sedums, this time pink!

87- Abelia Grandiflora.

88- Roses showing right to the frosts.

89- Wisteria pods turning black.

90- Berberis berries contrast to lichen.

91- Bergenia, too late or too early?

92- The garden nicely framed by nature.

93- The flowering cherry suddenly bare!

94- Parrotia Persica showing purple!