Le jardin 2009 à Saint Geoire en Valdaine(38), France

2. du printemps à l'été/from spring to summer.

Toutes les photos peuvent être agrandies par le clic de la souris/All the photos can be enlarged by a mouse click.

33- Wild garlic, l'ail des ours.

34- The Red Robin showing off again!

35- Iris germanica hybrids

36- A spider sunbathing on a snowball!

37- The Robinia flowering profusely

38- Crataegus oxyacantha 'Paul's Scarlet'.

39- Sambucus nigra 'Purpurea'

40- A pink shows it head!

41- Rhododendron: still going!

42- Photinia 'Red Robin' in flower.

43- Aquelagia vulgaris, Granny's bonnets.

44- Physocarpus opulifolius Diabolo

45- Silver-leafed white borders.

46- Rosa rugosa 'Alba'.

47- Hygrangea Petiolaris, the climber.

48- Kolkwitzia Amabilis.

49- Peonies giving their best!

50- Orange rose contrasting Stachys.

51- Blue and white Canterbury Bells.

52- Sweet smelling Philadelphus.

53- More later-flowering Deutzia.

54- Bees, birds and Halk moths love it!

55- The summer flowering Tamaris.

56- Cotinus, the purple smoke bush.

57- Another irresistible rose.

58- The variegated Yucca flower head.

59- The pink Phlox beginning their show.

60- Welcome to my Hydrangea corner!

61- Hydrangea showing pink!

62- and another hydrangea.

63- The blue Ceanothus, the pink Spiraea.

64- Wonderful Spiraea Anthony Waterer.