Le Jardin 2010-3 (juin-décembre)

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09 juin 2010
Weigelia rose variegata, a great mix of colours.
The red Weigelia, a lovely sight indeed!
11 juin 2010 
This double paeony seems to have lost it's center.
13 juin 2010 
Well what's more beautiful than a rose after all!
The white paeony just waiting to burst open.
28 juin 2010
The pink Phlox faithful to it's annual show.
White Canterbury bells against pink Potentilla Fruiticosa.
It's nice to see some yellow too! Lavender cotton.
Ceanthus, Californian Lilac.
The oak leafed Hydrangea doing so well in the shade here.
04 juillet 2010
The Hydrangea Peniculata, at first white, turns pink.
One of those vivid Hydrangea Macrophylia's that we love so!

Beautiful white Lillie's.
20 juillet 2010
Montbretia, one of our most exotic looking garden plants.
A good year for roses!
06 août 2010
Which colour do you prefer? Is it this orange one?
The white Phlox coming in as usual for the late summer.
The Eryngiums  still holding up well, here in a shady position.
08 août 2010 
A few Marigolds always seem to self seed and  shine!
09 août 2010
Californian Poppies  from many years ago still coming back.
10 août 2010 
The Rowan Mountain Ash getting established
A red-centered white Althea closing up for the evening.
19 août 2010 
Another self-seeder, the Hollyhock.
30 août 2010
The Helenium giving a fine show in late summer.
Chives, not only good for flavor but a great show too.
14 septembre 2010
Chinese Asters or 'Reine Marguerites'
Colour explosions in the middle of the Zinnias.
Tropical jungle of red Cat's Tails.
17 septembre 2010 
A yellow Pyracantha, lovely even in the rain!
24 septembre 2010 
The summer Tamaris giving a late  splash of colour.
This is the time for Sedums to show off.
06 octobre 2010 
Those annual cosmos carrying on into Autumn.
The legacy of the flowering apples now indispensable.
The apple leaves too giving a special touch to Autumn.
08 octobre 2010
Persian Ironwood gives a striking colour mixture.
03 novembre 2010 
The Liquidambar blending into the countryside.
04 décembre 2010 
The year finishes as it started, under the snow.