Le Jardin 2010-2 (avril-juin)

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30 avril 2010
Laburnum, at home in any garden!
This purple lilac flowering in profusion, unlike last year.
Berberis Stenophylla, fierce leaves but warm flowers!
Berberis Thunbergii, as hot as the sun!
10 mai 2010
Cool dutch iris' and stachys lambs ears.
Could this be a weed in with the variegated grass? Impossible!
This delicate flowering bush is part of the honeysuckle family.
The spirea family,  very showy! This one is vanhoutei.
Botanical geraniums almost wild with intense colours.
20 mai 2010 
You may find this boring, but what a feast! Vibernum Opulus.
24 mai 2010
The Hawthorne here in it's Paul's Scarlet 'tame' version.
These green beetles just love the Red Robin Photinia.
25 mai 2010
The roe deer didn't get these lovely roses!
Pink and white flowers on this Elderberry(Sambucus Nigra)
Iris germanica hybrids, just split them up to multiply!
The flowering onions, a real fireworks display!
29 mai 2010 
The peonies begin their display of pure beauty.
Valerian rouge, Centranthus rubra, lovely vibrant colour!
Wild bulbs have come all by themselves in the garden.
Blue Dutch Iris's, every year a splash of vivid colour!
Deutzia 'Mont Rose', delicate and beautiful!
Another rose that escaped the Roe Deer.
9 juin 2010 
A green spider finds shelter in a Rosa Rugosa Alba flower!
The red climbing rose, well out of the way of hungry mouths!
Nigella Damascena, 'Love in the Mist'. What a lovely name!
A profusion of blue spikes!
Annual 'Corn Cockles' self seeding every year
Sweet William a sweet smelling pink that self seeds readily.
At home we called this Seringa but it's really Philadelphus.
Red Deutzia hybrid.
Saxifraga stolonifera. The strawberry begonia.
Spirea Goldflame. A golden sunset, intense red flowers.
A mix of Peonies, Antirrhinums and Sweet Williams.
Pyracantha, a feeding ground for this lovely beetle!
Kolkwitzia Amabilis, such a wonderful shrub!
Vinca Minor Variegata. A little tender but indispensable!