Tenerife Photo Album- Part 1.
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Santiago del Teide church.
Inside Santiago del Teide church.
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Eruption seen from road to El Tanque.
Teide seen from Mirador Lomo Molino.
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Bird of paradise.
The north coast seen from Mirador Lomo Molino.bd21298_.gif (101 octets)

The church at Chimiche.
Detail of a house in Chimiche.

Church at Arico Nuevo.

Potted plants at Arico Nuevo.

Volcanic eruptions. Montana centinela.

The basilica of Candelaria.

Restaurants on the square in front of the basilica.

The line of guanche princes. bordering the square.

Evening view at Playa de las Americas.

Another evening view at Playa de las Americas.

Cactus growing in Valle San Lorenzo.

Lava field entering the National park of Teide.

Lava field entering the National park of Teide.

The queen's slipper.

Mineral colouration on the side of the volcano.

Roques de Garcia.

A little friend came to see us while we were eating.

More mineral colouration.

This is the most recent eruption.

Canary pine growing in the lava field.

Spectacular mountain roads in the 'Macizo de Teno'.

Looking down on the village of Masca.

A restaurant near Masca.

Apparent mining activity near La Cuesta.

'Convento de San Francisco' at Garachico.

Garachico Liberty square.

A lovely wooden balcony in Garachico.

Beautiful town houses in Garachico.

The fort of the port of Garachico, once the most important on the island.

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