The Vercors regional nature reserve.

The Arzelier Pass- the two sisters.

What could be more soothing on a fine Autumn day than to leave Grenoble and head for the Vercors, but by the south. Taking the Vif direction and then, on the exit towards Monestier de Clermont, take Miribel Lanchâtre. At Saint Barthelemy, head for Prélenfrey and Col de l'Arzelier. Park next to the ski-lift. Now you are in a different world only twenty or so miles from the Isère county town. Here you can get to the Vercors plateau by the 'Col des deux sœurs' or the 'Pas de la Balme' for sporting types. Here we will happily go for a family walk to the bottom of the Two Sisters mountain..

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01-The Two Sisters (2056 m), Agathe to the south and Sophie to the north as seen from the Arzelier Pass.
02- Spikes of faded yellow Gentiane.
03- A Grass Hopper.
04- The path begins in the forest.
05- Then suddenly the footpath comes to a meadow with a lovely view towards Varces.
06- The path continues on a slope towards the Two Sisters. One of them is hidden by the forest.
07- Cornflowers.
08- A communications aerial and the arrival of the Col de l'Arzelier ski lift.
09- The southern heights of the Vercors, the 'La Balme' ridge and, by a breach,the passage 'la Balme'.
10- Lovely view towards the south across the Château Bernard valley, then Pey Bousou and the Needle Mountain(le Mont Aiguille).
11- View across the Château Bernard valley, the Barnière Woods, the Ras and Crose woods. Infront of neverending ridges.
12- Belle vue des roches des Deux Sœurs. Les couleurs de l'automne sont accentuées par le coucher du soleil.
13- Before leaving, our final reward: a breathtaking view to the south and the Needle Mountain(le Mont Aiguille).

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